Skin Cancer Awareness Month

With Summer approaching there's no better time to think of skin cancer, even though it's something that should be thought about all year long. May was skin cancer awareness month, and skin cancer is what inspired us to start Kovr Sunscreen in the first place. It's been 5 years this year since our dog Bodie identified skin cancer on the top of Lonnie's head. Even though he was only a pup and not a trained cancer sniffing dog, it was enough to cause us to take notice. That led to a visit to the dermatologist and a diagnosis of Basal Cell Carcinoma. Thank God it could be removed, but that is what changed everything for us.

Bodie, the cancer sniffing pup

Bodie, the cancer sniffing dog

UV ray damage is based on the UV Index Value (UVI)) and varies based on where in the world a person resides. Most scales range from 0.5 - 25, although areas with active volcanoes can read record highs in the 40's. UV rays are stronger and more damaging the closer you are to the equator, and weaker and less damaging the further away you are. For example, in Peru the UV Index could be as high as 25, versus in Canada the UV Index on average is 2.5-4.5.

Kovr Sunscreen founders, Melissa and Lonnie

Lonnie and Melissa today, thanks to Bodie.

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