Our Story

Lonnie and Melissa moved to San Diego from the Midwest when Lonnie was still in the Navy. They settled in El Cajon and quickly fell in love with the outdoor culture. Opportunities for adventure and exploration were around every corner.

Trails just begging to be hiked or biked were everywhere! But Southern California also offered water sports we didn't have in the Midwest like open diving, surfing, and paddling in the beautiful Pacific not to mention the many lakes. And let's not forget that San Diego is one of the only places in the U.S. that you can surf and snowboard or ski in the same day! How cool is that? All of these quickly became staples in our lives. And naturally, being outdoors so much we used a lot of sunscreen.Founders, Lonnie and Melissa, wearing snowboard gear and winter apparel with snow covered mountains behind them.

From the beginning, though, Lonnie hated the oily feeling most sunscreens left on your skin. Melissa, on the other hand, gets dry skin frequently. But unlike lotion, most sunscreens feel like they block your pores and trap sweat in. But since Melissa works in the health and fitness industry, she's naturally a huge proponent of living proactively when it comes to good health habits. So in spite of it not feeling comfortable, she'd make sure they both wore it.

Then one day Melissa got the idea to make a sunscreen that would protect them but actually feel good at the same time. It also needed to be safe for the environment as well as the person wearing it. And of course not be tested on animals. This meant it couldn't be a spray or contain chemicals that disrupt the environment or the user's hormone levels. That, in a nutshell, is how the concept for Kovr All Natural Sunscreen was born.

5 natural sunscreen icons: reef friendly, not tested on animals, biodegradable, water resistant and made in the USA


Active Life Company was founded by Melissa and Lonnie for outdoor adventurers like themselves. They believe in living healthy, proactive lives and that means protecting your body's largest organ - your skin.

Most sunscreens on the market today are not designed with the earth or the outdoor athlete in mind. Spray-on sunscreens, while light, increase your carbon footprint. Sunscreen lotions are heavier, but most contain chemicals that disrupt hormone levels as well as bleach coral reefs.

Both usually feel oily and neither feels good once you start to perspire. So we created a natural sunscreen with the environment and the active outdoor lover in mind. Kovr sunscreen is all natural and designed to let your skin breath when you sweat. Good for your body, good for the environment.

Our Partners

Cairn Leadership training integrates physical challenges into an outdoor learning curriculum to bring out human potential. Through hiking, rock climbing, and outdoor adventure, they connect people to the environment outside. We love connecting with companies that share in our love of adventure and responsible conservation. And we share in the belief that nature empowers and teaches us valuable life lessons, we just need to be open in order to hear them.

Epic Recess creates opportunities for people to go out and play. Their races and outdoor events are designed for both novices and ultra athletes alike. Running and trail hiking are core activities in most events, with the goal for everyone to go out and play. Fitness, fun, and adventure is the name of the game, and just like when you took recess as a kid, you'll discover it's even more fun as an adult. In a world of sedentary living and desk jobs, it's never been more important to get outside. 

SmileHaven Dental Center serves its patients using whole-body, holistic practices. They only use safe, biocompatible materials, no metals or fluoride, to clean, restore and maintain your mouth. They make the mouth and body connection and believe to achieve optimal wellness, a patient needs a healthy toxic free mouth and body. Let us keep you on the path to a healthier life!